Authentic Knitwear

Produced in Umbria, distributed all over the world.

Fall/Winter 2023/2024

A cosmopolitan man and woman, who love timeless quality, who seek passion, originality and functionality in the canons of their clothing, are the icons that best embody the Panicale Cashmere style.

Fall/Winter 2023

Fall/Winter 2023

“We can live a wonderful life in the world if we know how to work and love, work for those we love and love what we work for.”

Leo Tolstoy

Umbria, Cashmere District

Undisputed kingdom of craftsmanship and the most authentic meaning of Made in Italy, in Umbria all the knowledge on cashmere processing has been handed down for generations: a unique experience and tradition that have made its production district the most important in Italy.

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