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Panicale Cashmere is our brand devoted to the production of high-quality cashmere knitwear, produced in Umbria according to the criteria of the traditional artisan craftmanship and distributed all over the world by the Panicale S.r.l.
Born almost 50 years ago, the company is one of the most long-lived ones in Umbria in the Italian cashmere knitwear’s sector.
The wisdom of a craft tradition based on the manual skills and on the attention to details, the very high production standards and a continuous innovative research transformed throughout the years our company in one of the most known brands of the Umbrian Cashmere District.

The Style

Cosmopolitan women and men, who love timeless quality, who look for passion, originality and functionality in the tenets of their own clothing, are the icons that best embody the style of Panicale Cashmere.
It’s a style in line with the philosophy of the company that, by taking inspiration from the genuine values of the land that has always embraced the company, loves to produce refined and at the same time original products, that are always absolutely personal.
We like to think that fine clothes are a right and not a privilege, that they are a means rather than an end, as well as a way to express one’s own personality and to distinguish oneself, to feel good with oneself.
We like to think that, by wearing a nice and inimitable shirt, even the darkest day could turn into a special day.

The family

The history of the Panicale company was born in 1964 from the wedding between Mario Panicale and Soliera. The couple, once moved to the village of Pila, within walking distance of Perugia, founded the first craft workshop with seat under their own house of residence. Soliera, master of knitwear with big experience in the sector, and Mario, provided with high managerial abilities, managed to merge their own skills and to put them at the service of the most prestigious national brands. Thanks to a constant internal renewal and the acquisition of new specialized staff, the company started to grow progressively and moved rapidly towards the production of a first own line devoted to the male world.
One of the Italian rare cases of female generational change occurred at the end of 1990s, with the shift at the helm of the company from Mario Panicale to his daughter Rosita. Next to Rosita, her husband Renzo, manager of the stylistic sector, dealt with the financial management of the company. At the beginning of the 2000, Panicale Cashmere has already been a brand present in the boutiques of the main world cities.
The last innovation, that brought a pleasant disruption of the company dynamics concerned the arrival of a collection devoted to the female world in 2011, born from the wish and creative idea of Rosita.

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