The cashmere district

The district of Umbrian Cashmere is the excellent result of a textile tradition that all over Umbria, and particularly in the province of Perugia, reveals very ancient origins.
Starting from the medieval production of tapestries, through the highly refined art of embroidery, spread all over the territory with countless variations, until the most recent processing of fine yarns, Umbria collected over time an ancient knowledge re-processed it based on its handicraft experience and put it at the service of a noble product.


Cashmere is a very valuable and very thin textile fibre, obtained from the processing of the wool of a particular kind of goat living in the highlands of Central Asia, already used by the local shepherds to produce fabrics able to protect from the winters’ cold on the highlands.
Coming mainly from Tibet, the row fibre took its name from the region of Kashmir, between India, Pakistan and China, where it was processed: a warm, soft, enchanting and resistant fibre that didn’t stop to represent a product of high seduction and value all over the world.

The manual combing of the animal’s coat during the moulting season, generally during the spring, allows to collect the first fibre, that is later woven with yarns and then intended for the processing in finished products.
Italy is the first world transformer of prestigious cashmere and Umbria is the most important district: a solid background ranging from the selection of the cashmere’s flake to its transformation into yarn, by following a solid combination of tradition and innovation.


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