Perugia and Umbria

“Umbria is a whole world, a continent, not a small Italian region.
Here time has a different rhythm because all clocks also mark the Eternity and the useless things”.

Vittorino Andreoli

These few words describe the essence and vocation of a multiform land: Umbria, Green Heart of Italy, small gem guardian of unique beauties and of a millenary knowledge.
With wide valleys embellished by medieval castles and villages, it has always been a place of peace and a meeting point of cultures, always ready to open up towards new boundaries and give itself a new dimension.

It’s a territory that over time became the uncontested kingdom of cashmere’s craft and of the most authentic meaning of Made in Italy, where know-how and the skill of processing by hand passed down from generation to generation, for then placing itself at the disposal of new ways to produce and make design.

“Perugia, munita di grandi mezzi di difesa dalla natura e dalla mano dell’uomo, e che sorge improvvisamente su un’altura dalla pianura dove le montagne viola si confondono con il cielo lontano, splende di colori sgargianti nel suo giorno di mercato”.


This is Umbria, and this is Perugia, multicultural city of Etruscan origin hosting our brand: it’s an important international cultural and productive pole as well as tourist destination, that from the top of a hill oversees all the region.


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