SS 2024

Woman Spring/Summer 2024

Lightweight and breathable fabrics, innovative designs and attention to detail like each garment. From precise cuts to impeccable finishes, each element reflects Italian craftsmanship. Experience the combination of style and functionality with high-quality materials, designed to guarantee uncompromising comfort.

Long cardigan with hand embroidery

Made with a lightweight fabric, it delicately wraps the body giving a feeling of comfort. Elegance emerges through the handmade embroidery, executed with a brilliant thread that lights up the beige tones.

Look City

The “plaster denim” trousers, with a chalk-brushed look, add an element of texture and originality. The undershirt made of soft cotton ribbed stitch, in delicate lilac tones, gives comfort and casual style. The pastel-toned jacket, with knitted sleeves embellished with sequins, gives a playful and elegant touch.

Printed Dress

The light and fresh dress is printed with an abstract pattern in pastel shades of cement, giving the garment an urban and contemporary flavor. The print evokes the atmosphere of the city, while the lightness of the fabric makes it ideal for the hottest days. A leather and knit slide completes the ensemble with a touch of comfort.

Trousers and T-shirt

The look embodies an elegant combination of comfort and sporty style. The soft palazzo trousers in fabric stitch knit, in melange grey, offer a touch of refinement. The t-shirt, with mesh on the front and sequin details, adds a note of brightness and glamor to the casual look.

Precious Sweater

The precious knit catches the eye with its intricate weave of yarns that mix and intertwine in an enchanting design. The cold tones of silver, grey, white and ice blend harmoniously, creating an elegant and refined chromatic effect.

Vinyl looking jacket

The look captures the essence of the space environment with a vinyl-look jacket in cold, light shades of grey, evoking futuristic atmospheres. The material with which it was made gives the garment a subtle shine and a feeling of modernity, while the color palette recalls the vastness and coldness of space.

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